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Serving Seniors with NeighborWorks through the Iganatian Volunteer Corps

Serving Seniors with NeighborWorks through the Iganatian Volunteer Corps

The Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC) is a national community service organization with a new local chapter right here in northeastern Pennsylvania. IVC is affiliated with the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits. It makes life better for those who need service and for those with the ability to serve. IVC service is the perfect blend of action, generosity, and faith.

Ignatian Volunteers view their service as an opportunity to deepen their faith. They reflect and share their service and life experiences with other volunteers. Ignatian Volunteers grow beyond initial questions of how the underserved arrived at their present circumstances. Instead, they recognize that a need exists and they feel called to be the ones to meet this need. Moreover, as Ignatian Volunteers serve and reflect, they experience increased feelings of gratitude, peace, contentment, and satisfaction. These feelings deepen their faith and energize them to continue helping the underserved. 

Nationally, Ignatian Volunteers serve in staff level positions in hundreds of social service, health, and educational agencies. At NeighborWorks, an Ignatian Volunteer will serve as an aging in place handyman. This volunteer will carry out small home repairs for homeowners age 60 and above, allowing these homeowners to safely age with dignity in their own homes. In short, serving as the NeighborWorks Ignatian Volunteer is a perfect opportunity to make life better for those who need service while deepening your faith.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving as an Ignatian Volunteer with NeighborWorks, view the full job description and contact Teddy Michel at for more information.

Teddy Michel is the Regional Director of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps of Northeastern Pennsylvania and a dedicated member of NeighborWorks' board of directors.

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