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Mission & History

NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community development organization that has, for more than 40 years, helped to revitalize neighborhoods and improve lives throughout the region by addressing the housing needs in our community. Our vision for strong, healthy neighborhoods is built on resident empowerment, neighborhood revitalization, sustainable homeownership, and public-private partnerships.


We revitalize neighborhoods and create opportunities for individuals and families to improve their lives through quality housing and financial guidance.


Our organization was founded in 1981 as Scranton Neighborhood Housing Services by a group of local bankers and community members who were interested in providing home rehabilitation loans for their neighbors who didn’t have access to traditional financing. After many successful years of providing home rehabilitation services, the organization increased its work with local lending institutions to create a Lenders’ Consortium. This partnership allowed for additional financing products, such as first mortgages and closing-cost assistance loans, to be provided to homebuyers.

By 2003, we had added additional homeownership services to our offerings, including pre-purchase budget counseling, homebuyer education, and construction management. We also expanded our service area to include all of Lackawanna County, prompting a name change to Neighborhood Housing Services of Lackawanna County.

In 2008, due to the rising number of homeowners who were having difficulty paying their mortgages as a result of rising unemployment and a downturn in the economy, we launched a foreclosure counseling initiative to serve clients throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In 2013, driven by our growing client base throughout the region, we officially changed our name to NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania to encompass our enlarged service area and to align with our brand with NeighborWorks America, our major national partner. We remain focused on providing a  variety of affordable housing services to address the most challenging issues facing prospective and current homeowners today.

Core Values

We integrate the following core values into everything that we do:


As part of the NeighborWorks America “network of excellence,” we are committed to providing top-quality, outcomes-based services utilizing best practices.


We develop effective partnerships to enhance our services and advance our mission.


We provide the tools to help residents increase their financial stability and community engagement.


We provide our services in an accountable, responsible, reliable, and transparent manner.


We think outside the box in our operations, service delivery, and approach to problem-solving.


We want our partners, clients, and community to trust and value our ability to make Northeastern Pennsylvania a better place to live.

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