About Us

Vision and Core Values

Vision Statement

NeighborWorks® Northeastern Pennsylvania (NWNEPA) is the foremost provider of effective and innovative homeownership and affordable housing services to moderate income families in the region. NWNEPA is an industry leader due to its dedication to collaboration, creativity, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.  NWNEPA envisions vibrant neighborhoods in which families utilize responsible homeownership to build wealth and as a vehicle for active engagement in their communities.

Core Values

NeighborWorks® Northeastern Pennsylvania integrates the following core values into all of our operations and activities:

Excellence – We are part of the NeighborWorks America “network of excellence” and commit to providing top-quality, outcomes-based services utilizing best-practices.

Collaboration – We develop effective partnerships to enhance our services and advance our mission.

Empowerment – We provide the tools to help residents increase their financial stability and community engagement.

Integrity – We provide our services in an accountable, responsible, reliable and transparent manner.

Creativity – We think outside the box in our operations, service delivery, and approach to problem-solving.

Confidence – We want our partners, clients and community to trust and value our ability to make Northeastern Pennsylvania a better place to live.